Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back to Idaho

So, things didn't work out as planned in Memphis. We decided to move back to Idaho to be closer to family. It is great to be back close to loved ones. Are family's are ecstatic that we are here, and that they can see our kids more than once a year.

Here are a few thing that I did over the summer that I haven't posted.


Sam Ellis and MissleMan said...

So what is on the agenda?

Konrad said...

Welcome back to the frozen north, Rick!
Might not have been the best timing considering the snow on the ground, but Im sure you are used to that by now.
I have been using your "Donkey Dealer" as my profile picture on lately and have had about 5-6 people ask about it's story...I send them to your/this blog, so I hope you have had some traffic from it.
Keep up the good work and stay warm in Idaho!