Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Character Designs

I'm working on a children's book right now. These are some of the character designs. The story is about three monster boys who love to play football. A new kid moves in next door and they are so exited. They really want another kid on there team, but the new kid is a girl. We all know girls can't play football! Or can they? The book is all penciled but I have to ink and color it. I'll post some pages later.


Zarah said...

Oh, come oooon!?
What is this? The perfect family?! *grins*

I found my way here from your adorable wife's blog and - you seem just as talented! :D
LOVE those characters and I'm SO gonna bookmark you - this is tooooo good to be missed! :D

Krishna M. Sadasivam said...

Very nice character designs, Rick! Can't wait to see the book!